Selling a property


When you decided on selling your property, we will support you all the way from giving advice, over the preparation (e.g. getting all relevant documents) to the point when you sign the purchase contract at the notary.

he most important information when selling a property on Mallorca

Beside deciding on the right selling price, there are a lot of other things that need to be noticed when selling a property.


What will you need for the sale?

  • The owner´s NIE number
  • The owner´s passport
  • Copy of all the relevant documents (for example deed of ownership)
  • Building permit
  • Current bills of electricity, water and telephone
  • Energy certificate
  • Receipt of garbage and municipal tax
  • Residential entitlement certificate

How can you obtain a good price?

An important question for the seller is, for what price he wants to sell his property. We will gladly advice you on the pricing, because when your price expectations are too high, nobody will show interest in the property.

Of course, it is possible for you to increase the value of the property yourself. Just think about it and let us advise you on ways to improve your estate without great expenses.

Clean everything up when you know that somebody is going to come by to take pictures of the property or when a viewing with a client is planned.

Check if all installations, like air conditioning or heating, are working.

As soon as you gave us all the information of the property and we took photos of the object, we will start to promote the estate on various real estate portals, our website and on social media. That way we will find potential buyers as fast as possible.

If you give us the exclusive order, your property will be the first priority for us.