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We offer a unique expertise and experience since 1995, so you can realise your dream of a Mallorca property. No matter if you are planning to sell, to buy, to rent or to long-term rent – we will give you the best advice and we will find the perfect estate or the right buyer.

Our guidance happens in three languages (English, German, Spanish), depending on the client. We will promote your property in national and international media, as well as in social media and on our homepage.

Buying a property on Mallorca

When the moment has come and you found the perfect property – whether apartment, finca or villa – you will still have to take attention of some things before signing the purchase contract at the notary. But don´t worry! We will support you at every step.


When you get to the point where you have found the perfect property - whether apartment, villa or finca - you still have to take notice of some things before you are able to sign the sale contract at the notary. But don´t worry! We will support you with every single step.

One of the most important things is that you have to apply for the NIE number, the Spanish tax number.

Furthermore, you will need to open a Spanish bank account and, if necessary, ask for a bank financing.

Of course, all contracts have to be checked very well. Particularly important is that we are checking for you in the Land register if the contract partner is really the owner of the property, if the estate is free of depts and so on. With our experience, all of this won´t be a problem for you!

Afterwards, we will create the preliminary contract in Spanish but also in English so that also our English clients are able to understand the contract they are signing. When the preliminary contract is signed, there is nothing standing in the way of the date at the notary anymore.

NIE number when buying a property:

If you are planning on buying a property in Spain, respectively on Mallorca, it is very important to have an own NIE number by the time you are signing the sales contract (Spanish: escritura) at the notary. 

If you are applying for the NIE number in a consulate abroad, you have to take care of it early enough because the application can take at least 1 or 2 months.

We would be pleased to stand supportively by your side, helping you to obtain your NIE number. For that matter we are working together with a Tax and Law office.


What is a NIE number?
NIE number is the abbreviation for foreigner´s identification number and is important to people, who own or want to purchase possessions in Spain, or for people who are resident there, because it serves as a tax and identification number.


Preliminary contract

In Spain, a contract with the clause “arras” is binding as a sale contract for the buyer as well as the seller, even if they thought they would be concluding simply a preliminary contract.

When the contract clause “arras penitenciales“ is used, the buyer has to pay an advance payment, which he is losing in case he cancels the purchase. Also, the seller is able to cancel the sale. In that case, he is obligated to pay twice the advance payment back to the buyer.

Spanish bank account

Whether you are resident (means having a permanent residence) in Spain or not, when you decide to buy a property on Mallorca, you will need to open a Spanish bank account.

For one thing, a Spanish bank account is necessary if you need a funding for the purchase of a Mallorca property. In that case, your creditworthiness will be checked first. When this audit is passed, an expert will calculate the value of the property. Non-residents can get financed up to 70 % of the purchase price or the property´s value, calculated by the expert, depending on which amount is smaller. We would gladly support you finding a suitable bank by getting offers from different banks.

But even if you don´t need a funding, you will still need the bank account because of various costs like taxes or additional costs.

To the opening of the account you will need to appear in person because powers of attorney won´t be accepted!


Renting a property on Mallorca

When you chose to rent a property, we will help you all the way from the advice, over the preparation (e.g. getting all relevant documents) to the point of signing the rental contract.

We will draft the contract in Spanish and in your language (e.g. English).


The most important information when renting a property on Mallorca

Beside the good location and the right pricing, there are a lot of other important things which need to be noticed when renting a property on Mallorca.


Mallorca properties - rent first – buy later!

We will help you, finding a property to rent, so you can test living on Mallorca before deciding to buy a Mallorca property. Here too, we are able to offer villas for the whole family, as well as fincas, penthouses and garden apartments.

You can rent Mallorca properties in all places in the southwest, like Santa Ponsa, Puerto Andratx, Camp de Mar, San Telmo, Calvia or Es Capdella, with or without furniture. We will accompany you from the first viewing on, to the point of signing the rental contract.

If you want an attorney to look at the contract check it before concluding it, we can recommend a lawyer.

Mallorca properties – in every size and price range

We, as real estate agents on Mallorca, are able to offer villas, apartments, fincas and penthouses on the island, in various price ranges.

Beautiful villas with plots of 1000 m² or luxurious estates with 5000 m² of land, little country houses with 500 m² of property or apartments with a living space of 80 – 120 m² - we certainly have the perfect property for you – no matter what size or price! 

If you are not able to find the estate of your dreams on our homepage, simply contact us and we will do everything in order to find a property that corresponds to all your wishes.


Selling a property

If you decided to sell your property, we will gladly support you all the way from the advice, over the preparation (e.g. getting all relevant documents) to the point of signing the purchase contract at the notary.

We will draft the contract in Spanish, as well as in your language (e.g. English)


Benefit from our experience when securing your most valuable things. We combine real estate with security.



Thanks to the cooperation with the most important national and international banks and with our financial advisor, Casas-CDM can offer a service with added value to its clients. That way they are able to get the best mortgage financing, as well as professional advice in remaining contractual relationships with their bank. Our comprehensive knowledge in the right of property loan, as well as in city regulations and legal requirements referring to contractual matters, effects that we can support our clients in all concerns.

Professional housekeeping

After 25 years of experience in the sales and in the purchase business on Mallorca, the Casas-CDM team is able to listen to its clients and developed an area which is dedicated to the HOME MANAGEMENT of its client´s properties.

Clients who own a second property on Mallorca, require a trustful team that preserves their keys and that takes care and regularly checks on their property. That way, the property always stays in a perfect condition.

For this reason, Casas-CDM offers a comprehensive maintenance service for your house, your garden, your swimming pool and other services that are needed by the owners. We are providing a service of        category 5*. 

The fact that Casas-CDM´s clients are trusting us when we take care of their homes and their confidential documents, has an indescribable value for us and we are very proud of this.



Casas-CDM manages exclusively the marketing and distribution of the wonderful project CASA NAMASTE, which consists of a luxurious villa in the fabulous urbanisation Biniorella in Camp de Mar.

It is one of the regions with the greatest growth and the biggest request on Mallorca. There are various reasons for that, like for example the quiet and the privacy. It is a place were the most important and wealthiest people of Europe are resident and it is far from the hustle and bustle of other overcrowded coastal areas.