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Benefit from our comprehensive experience when securing your most important goods. We combine real estate with security.

Bea and Viviane Ziob are offering professional competence and experience since 2007, that way you are always on the save side. We secure your property, as well as your vehicles and your boats. We find the best quote and contract for you. Since we are living more than 26 years on the island, we know all possible life situations and are able to help you with our unique experience. We supply the best advice in three languages (Spanish, English, German), depending on the client, and we handle all requests quick and personally for you..

Insuring properties on Mallorca

This insurance policy guarantees, over all the various available kinds of contracts, all insurance and service benefits that are necessary for the possible dangers depending on the housing conditions, regardless if it is a primary or a secondary residence, a row house, an apartment or a holiday home.

The right vehicle insurance

Beneficial tariff system

  •  Individually adjusted tariffs, which comply with the client´s profile and the vehicle (age, date of driving license, etc.)
  •  The application of bonification, which is granted by other insurance companies, also in case of foreign prior insurance.
  • Secure your boats and ships

    As a professional skipper you should know: Only with the right assessment and the necessary information of shipping routes, weather and sea conditions, you are able to minimize risks and to master precarious situations. Your fellow passengers have plenty of confidence in you.

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